You can depend on WKHS for your linen, print shop and microfilming needs, the #1 Leader in service to the healthcare community. Our programs free up your staff to spend their valuable time doing what they do best providing quality care to your patients!

Laundry Services

  • Eliminate linen replacement costs.
  • Add convenience. Linen will be shipped according to your needs. Orders can be changed as often as daily to compensate for increased or decreased demand and census fluctuations.
  • Typically upgrade your linen quality, which results in greater care to your patients.
  • Eliminate valuable staff time spent on linen issues:
    • Negotiating with Linen Vendors
    • Purchasing
    • Tracking and worrying about inventory
    • Ragging out worn linen
    • Mending linen
    • Property marking linen
  • Reduce physical space necessary to store new linen supplies.
Further cost reductions are available by contracting for WKHS Linen Management Services. Benefits include:
  • An overall reduction in linen processing costs most hospitals save between five and ten percent!
  • A guaranteed reduction in linen replacement/linen loss costs.
  • A high level of satisfaction throughout the hospital with linen distribution and quality.

Printing Services
  • WKHS produces high quality forms and brochures.
  • Ability to design and set up new forms.
  • Save storage space! We will store common forms for quick order and delivery.
  • Lower cost than most commercial printers. Check our pricing today!

Microfiling/Document Imaging Services

Our current system includes filming, jacketing, cataloging your materials. We are in process of moving to newer technology for your document imaging needs. Details will be announced in the future.