Doyle Oakley Retires
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Doyle retired effective September 16, 2005 after faithfully our serving our organization for over 36 years. All WKHS employees joined Doyle in celebrating this event.

Bill Smith, Executive Vice President speaks to employees to kick off the retirement event.

Our employees met in the warehouse to enjoy a meal and fellowship on Doyles’s last day at work.

Doyle was presented with a clock engraved with his name and years of service.

Bill pointed out that this clock had NO alarm mechanism!

Our normal retirement practice is to present a rocking chair to retiree’s. Doyle presented us a challenge on this practice. He and his wife already have quite a collection of them. So, we had to improvise.

For those who don’t know, Doyle likes to play golf.

Here Doyle is presented with a putter. This was a specially made putter with a hickory shaft, leather grip and a gold plated head. It was engraved with his name and years of service.
Doyle started working at WKHS in 1968 as a maintenance technician. Most of his years at WKHS, he served as Director of Purchasing. In the picture below, Doyle speaks with Mr. Chapman (former WKHS Board Member and former CEO of Methodist Hospital).

Mr. Begley, CEO of Methodist Hospital and outgoing WKHS Board Chairman, reads letter of appreciation for Doyle’s years of service.

Doyle and Patricia Ann (his WAY BETTER half) read over card presented by fellow employees.

Doyle finished the afternoon on the golf course in Madisonville as a guest of Standard Textile. No, he refused to use his new putter!

Thank you Doyle for all of your dedication and effort for the benefit of our customers here at WKHS. We are grateful for knowing you and your lasting contribution will always be appreciated.