Standard Textile Comes Through BIG!
Saturday, August 13, 2005

Standard Textile has now converted our stand alone ControlTex TMS database to an SQL format and our customers “detailed” data is now available via the web! There are many new features to the system that will soon be implemented.
  1. Department directors can now drill down into the data from the familiar summary reports to seeing the data by item and/or by specific day is desired.
  2. Linen technicians will be issued new handheld devices for entering data. This new technology will include bar code reading capabilities which will improve the speed of that task.
  3. Data downloads will now occur using “hot synch” technology via the web VS. the current time consuming use of modem technology @ 9600 BAUD.
We have added access to the members section for this preview. We will be in preview mode until the new handheld hardware is delivered and an up to date database is converted. In the meantime, our members can free to peruse the data which was up to date through June.