In December 1965, a number of rural Western Kentucky hospitals joined together to form a non-profit corporation to provide shared services for other non-profit healthcare facilities within a 100-mile radius of Madisonville, KY. Western Kentucky Hospital Services (WKHS) was originally planned to provide any service that could be provided on a “cooperative” or “shared” basis. The driving idea behind the original concept was to develop “group” buying power from suppliers to hospitals participating in the cooperative.

The building that houses our business was built and originally equipped in 1968 with funds provided from interest bearing bonds, Hill-Burton grants, and donations from the Kresge and Kellogg Foundations. The interest bearing bonds were fully paid in the early 1990’s. For many years WKHS served hospitals in Materials Management, Pharmaceuticals, Laundry, Microfilming and Printing.

The concept of shared services remains very viable today. While WKHS, Inc. has given way to the much larger GPO’s in its purchasing functions, value remains for the other services that WKHS continues to provide for the region. WKHS continues to serve the region with laundry, microfilming and printing services.

In December of 1999, the Board of Directors began a new era by contracting management services to ARAMARK Management Services. This new direction also came with the vision of moving the business into the future. In August of 2000, under the direction and leadership of the ARAMARK team, the laundry began it’s first face lift in over 30 years. This process was completed in September of 2000. This new direction, brought to the table with new technology and leadership, drove a 100% increase in productivity.

A Board of Directors governs the corporation with each member typically being the CEO of a corporate member facility. The directors are appointed by the governing body of the members' facilities. The Executive Vice President/CEO (ARAMARK General Manager) of the organization drives the day to day operations of Western Kentucky Hospital Services.